A member of the
Apple Consultant’s Network
and a
Certified Apple Professional!

My main focus is Apple equipment pertaining to Small Business and Home Computer users.
I found out a long time ago that a great way to disappoint someone is to promise something and not deliver.

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You’ve heard the saying, “Jack of all trades but master of none?”

Beware those computer shops who tout Windows Services, Security Systems, etc as well because usually they’re PC people and just work on Apple equipment (when they have to) but don’t actually specialize in all things Apple!

The fact is, I do not work for Apple but own my own business and am in a “partnership” with Apple. Apple has an in-house group of people who offer assistance called “Geniuses.” However, when you need help at your home or business, an Apple Consultant is the path to take. All Apple Consultants are tested to prove their knowledge so choosing one is a safe bet over any electronics store staff.

*** Please ...Even if you don’t choose *my* services, find another “Apple Consultants Network Member” in the area to help you! If you don’t, you’d be using the services of someone whom Apple doesn’t associate with and therefore, would be taking a large risk with your equipment and data! ***

I live, eat and breathe Apple equipment!

So, If you own or work for a business and are looking for server installation and support then quite frankly, I’m not the consultant you’re looking for. But I can help by directing you to another consultant or company who does specialize in what you need. Apple Consultants are technically competitors as we all vie for your business however, we’re specialized as well; all having a particular focus. We can contact another company of Apple Consultants to make sure the level of service you need matches the level of expertise you need. Some “ACNs” are part of a larger company and some are Sole Proprietors as I. The smaller the company, the lower the hourly rate. It pays to find the right match in terms of price and customer focus.