Since you’ve chosen this tab, You’re probably trying to find out more about my skills, how I’ve gotten to my level of expertise and what motivates me in my profession.

My beginning was established in a computer lab back in college. I was taking classes with the hopes of becoming an Air Force Meteorologist and as you probably know, computers are very important to weather prediction.

Back then, personal computers were very few and most computer classes were dealing with mainframe computers; the ones that would fill an entire room. But at my college, there was a lab of some IBM PCs and TRS-80 Model 4s. While I had “played” with my friends “Apple II+” in high school, the whole computer thing was fairly new to me.

When I interacted with the Computer Lab Staff, I quickly learned the attitude that you’d get from most computer “geeks” ...and it angered me. It was the stereotypical “We’re smarter than you” demonstration when students walked into the lab. And, when I had the opportunity to start my own computer lab on the other side of campus, I promised myself that my guests would never get that kind of attitude from me!

All of my career moves have been in a computer support role and in each position, I made sure that I was also a teacher.

After my time as a Computer Lab Manager, I worked for a nationwide accounting firm, a computer repair corporation and all before landing a position with a very LARGE beer company here in St. Louis, MO. The corporate environment was conducive to my learning of Networks and a much higher level of Operating Systems. I have over 30 years of computer experience with Apple Products and some of those were in the Pre-Macintosh days.

When I left the company, I started my own business called MacSolutions where I’ve not forgotten my past and strive to teach as much as repair.

— My goal is to help only when needed. —

Expect me to elevate you to a plateau where you’ll only need me
when you get into a situation over your head.