I specialize in helping individuals set-up new computers, printers, wireless and wired networks. I set-up machines for children and schools to protect them from material that is deemed inappropriate. My clients run the gamut of life including Medical Professionals, Members of the Legal Profession, and Novelists, And when your internet provider fails to deliver a working product, I take over and get them to fix things.

This includes: Mac Desktops, Mac Laptops, iPads, iPhone, iPods and pretty much the whole gamut of Apple devices including Wireless Access Points like The Airport Extreme and Time Capsule products. I do limited Windows work and mostly it entails converting people from Windows to the Macintosh Operating System.

I’m in a partnership with you as a customer! You will quickly find that I am not a “push you out of the way and do it myself” kind of person. I’m a hand holder... a trainer... Someone you can just call or email just about any time and get an answer from. I don’t charge for phone calls or email answers.

When I call someone to fix my refrigerator or garage door, I really hope that if the fix is something very simple, they’re not going to penalize me by charging me a huge fee. You don’t make friends and set people at ease by gouging them at every opportunity.

— You can count on me to treat you like *I* would like to be treated! —